SF: Mayor signs legislation for development near AT&T Park


After a decade-long planning process that included numerous city agencies, community organizations and the San Francisco Giants, Mayor Mark Farrell signed new legislation Tuesday morning that will convert an old parking lot near AT&T Park into a new mixed-use housing and commercial complex.

Located at Third and Mission Rock streets in the city’s Mission Bay neighborhood, the parking lot is on the waterfront and adjacent to Piers 48 and 50.

A total of 21 acres will be developed, according to Farrell. Dubbed “Mission Rock”, the new neighborhood will include an array of shops, cafes and offices, as well as 8 acres of parks and public open space, a community square, a wharf and public access to pier 48.

The project will also include 1,500 housing units, 40 percent of which city officials say will be affordable for residents with low to moderate incomes.

Flanked by members of the Board of Supervisors, officials from the Port Commission and San Francisco Giants GEO Larry Baer, Farrell signed the legislation, officially paving the way for the project to move forward. Planning for the project began about a decade ago.

Then-Mayor Gavin Newsom, late Mayor Ed Lee, former Acting Mayor London Breed, and current Mayor Farrell all threw their full support behind the project, which was a joint venture among city officials, the Port Commission and the Giants, among other groups.

“This is really emblematic of the best of a collective planning process that we have here in the city of San Francisco,” Farrell said Tuesday morning at City Hall.

He also congratulated each of the agencies and organizations involved in the planning process for ensuring that the project included the 40 percent affordable housing, which is a record for housing projects in San Francisco.

“We’re now going to have police officers and firefighters and teachers living there and transitional age youth are going to be living there. This is a big deal for the city of San Francisco and a huge part of what Mayor Lee was pushing for in all the new housing units,” Farrell said.

Lee spent much of his time in office helping to plan and promote the project, a point Farrell was quick to point out. “I think he’d be very proud,” Farrell said.

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