SF Chinatown has new Chinese Police Captain

(KTSF by Susannah Lee)

Chinese Police Captain Garret Tom heads the Central Police Station in SF Chinatown, saying he will maintain close communication with the community.

Tom has been serving the SF Police Department for 30 years, and was once stationed in the Central Police Station in Chinatown.
Ever since his transfer to the new position, Tom has been contacted by many members of the Chinese community, sending warm welcomes and voicing their concerns for public safety.
“We built that trust and it’s a partnership between the police and the Chinese community” says Tom.
He attributed the drop in gang activities in Chinatown, which used to be a serious problem  in the 70′s and 80′s, to the cooperative efforts between the police and the community.
Tom says he will continue to spend time out on the streets meeting the community. “When I was a sergeant,  I used to walk half of my shift instead of being in a police car the whole day. That’s when you really meet the people, the community and that’s where people meet you.”
On his second day on the job, Tom says the recent scam targeting Chinese elderly, as well as violence on the Broadway corridor are among the high priorities of his job.
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