Seismic sensors in SF skyscraper collects quake data

(KTSF by Susannah Lee)

Geological experts installed a large number of seismic sensors in the tallest residential building in San Francisco, to collect earthquake data useful for anti-quake architecture.

A total of 72 seismic sensors have been installed at One Rincon Hill, the new 64-story landmark of San Francisco.

This is a joint effort by the United States Geological Survey and the California Geological Survey to put in seismic installations in around 300 buildings and 80 bridges in California, to collect data when earthquakes happen. More than 20 buildings in San Francisco are among those having sensors installed.

Moh Jiann Huang, an engineer of the CGS says that the collected data will be sent immediately to the computer center in Sacramento for processing and release.

The data will be useful for further understanding earthquake, as well as how buildings react to seismic waves, thereby enabling more research on making better quake-proof buildings.

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