Seattle man beat and raped woman twice his age

Police say a man in Washington State robbed, beat, and raped a woman twice his age.

Henry Rossof reports the suspect has been on the run from the law since mid-June.

This is an old mug shot of 34-year-old Jacob Ward.

Seattle police say at seven this morning, an alert patrol officer near 6th avenue south and south dearborn street in the international district recognized him from this surveillance picture, taken yesterday.

It’s from an apartment building security camera six blocks from the intersection, and soon after it was taken, police say ward beat, raped, and robbed a 78-year-old woman.

“We are very happy he is in custody and no longer a threat to the community.”

We dug into Ward’s criminal history.

He was convicted for burglary and robbery in 2008.

Ward only just got out of prison june 10th of this year, but the department of corrections issued a warrant for his arrest two days later when he failed to report to his corrections officer.

The 2008 case involved ward holding a knife to a 52-year-old woman’s throat.

She told investigators she thought he was going to rape her.

Ward denied any sexual motivation at the time.

“That’s part of why he’s being held on a DOC detainer, because he was on active supervision for two very serious felonies.”

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