Screening Room: Life of Pi

(KTSF by Sean Au)

16 year old Pi (Suraj Sharma)  embarks  on a journey with his family and crates of animal from the family zoo on a ship bound for Canada.  After being met by a storm at sea, Pi  is  the only person who  survives  the sinking   ship. He  finds  himself in the life boat with a few animals. The food chain  sets  in motion and the boat  is  finally left with Pi and a Bengal tiger named Peter Parker. The boy  has  to learn how to survive at sea and avoid becoming cat food before they  being escued after 227 days adrift.

This is the premise of the Director Ang Lee’s latest movie, “Life of Pi” adapted from Yann Martel’s Man Booker prize winner. Also Lee’s first foray into 3D filmmaking, the high cost of making a film where almost the entire movie takes place in the ocean, led Lee to bring the production to Taiwan. The successful use of 3D to advance the story and to immerse the audience in the movie makes this the best accomplished 3D film after James Cameron’s “Avatar” three years ago.

“Learning the technology is relatively simple,” says Lee. “What is difficult is how you use this new medium as a way to express yourself in your artistic creation. You hope that the audience will accept what you do. How you use this technology and medium to express your thoughts, that is the most challenging of it all.”

Every single frame of the film has been meticulously crafted with beauty, allowing the audience to be lured into the story. For a story that is steeped in faith, Lee’s film succeeds in bringing the abstract to life.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Video courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.

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