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(KTSF by Sean Au)

Can romance exist after parenthood?

Consider this: You are approaching forty. You want a baby. Your biological clock is ticking. You have not found the right person who could be the father of your child. Yet, you want to bring the child up with somebody you love, just not necessarily physically. How about becoming parents with your best friend?

New Yorkers Julie (Jennifer Westfeldt) and Jason (Adam Scott) witness how romance between their married friends dissipate after having children. They think about doing the reverse :  getting the child birth part out of the way and then look for the love of their lives. They decide to have a baby and share parenting duties. Some of their friends get it, some of them do not. While it seems Julie and Jason are getting the ideal parenting arrangement, they each question, at different times, if the other person  was the right companion all this time. Will their feelings mess up this arrangement?

In  the  progressive society of this century, city dwellers find ways to challenge traditional ways of doing things somewhat differently. This makes “Friends With Kids” a bold and relevant story that captures the sentiments of today. “I think people are constantly trying to re-define the rules about what a family is, and what a family looks like. ” says Director Jennifer Westfeldt. “I think the unifying link is that if there is love, commitment and stability for a child, then a lot of arrangements can work.”

With half of the cast being alums of last year’s breakout hit “Bridesmaids,” it is inevitable that “Friends” will be compared to the monstrous comedy. Also dealing with a central woman character, Jennifer Westfeldt sprinkles a healthy dose of humor in a sharp script, making “Friends” hold its own with the lovable bridesmaids. Despite the flaw of an ending that seemed  too   conclusive and pleasing to the audience, this is perhaps the type of movie that Hollywood should make more of.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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