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It’s not even Thanksgiving. Already there’s a Christmas movie

In this third movie from the HAROLD & KUMAR franchise, the two friends have drifted apart. Harold (John Cho) has become a married and successful Wall Street trader. Kumar (Kal Penn), however, remains a manchild, drowning in his messy bachelor apartment.

On Christmas Eve, Kumar receives a package and delivers it to Harold’s suburban home. An unintentional fire broke out burning down Harold’s Christmas tree and the pair embark on a night of adventure in Manhattan to find a replacement tree. It’s something Harold has to do to please his father-in-law.

This being a farcical comedy, jokes are laid in the path from a mafia family to a Christmas extravaganza and even in the skies with Santa. All of this in glorious 3D format. A reminder though: H&K3 belongs to the Stoner Flick Hollywood genre. This translates to jokes surrounding bachelors and their weed and no lack of nudity. Expect a chase of some sort but the the story will end with the guys learning a thing or two about their friendship.

The HAROLD & KUMAR franchise is a significant one in Hollywood. For it remains in the rare category of mainstream movies headlined by a pair of Asian leads. The success of the first HAROLD & KUMAR film seven years ago has since opened doors for Korean American John Cho, who is last seen in the Star Trek reboot.

Cho exclaims, “I have a lot of affection for this character. And partially it is because he is Korean! He is a culturally specific character in a mainstream movie.”

Though the H&K franchise thrives in its low brow humor, it provides, without a doubt, a better understanding into a unique segment of American culture.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

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