Santa Clara Co.: scammer claiming to be sheriff’s office lieutenant

(Bay City News)

Santa Clara County sheriff’s officials are investigating reports that a person claiming to be a fictitious “Lt. Gore” is making cold calls to residents demanding money for missed jury duty.

The sheriff’s office is advising residents to be alert. There is no Lt. Gore employed through the sheriff’s office.

Several citizens called the sheriff’s office Tuesday stating that they had received phone calls from a Lt. Gore, according to officials. The citizens said the man on the phone demanded money for warrants issued after a failure to appear for scheduled jury duty.

Sheriff’s office workers never call people with warrants asking to receive payments over the phone, officials warn.

The scammer left the phone number (408) 886-8716 for people to call him back. The number is not affiliated with the sheriff’s office, officials said.

Anyone who has speculation after being contacted by a person claiming to work for the sheriff’s office is asked to call (408) 808-4900.

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