San Jose Jobs Rally


(KTSF by Lynne Ku)–Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren and 600 students from the San Jose Conservation and Charter School took part in a Jobs Rally today to call for the re-launch of the CCC program (the Civilian Conservation Corps) which was a job training program in the 1930′s.   Lofgren says that nationwide, “The unemployment rate for people  aged 16-24 this July was 48%. Now, among young people without a high school diploma, in the valley it’s almost 14% unemployment rate.  And I’m here to say, we can’t afford that.”

The CCC program was a job training program in the 1930s that  put people back to work during the Great Depression. It helped more than 3 million young men get work, such as planting trees, improving beaches and constructing roads and buildings in national parks and forests. Supporters of the CCC program are urging Bay Area communities to realize the importance of this program to be funded. They also asked Washington DC, including President, Congress and Senate to pass The American Jobs Act.

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