San Francisco’s lowest hourly pay increases to $10.24

(By KTSF Hellas Leung)

San Francisco, CA-Mayor Edwin M. Lee announced that the City’s minimum wage will be adjusted to $10.24 per hour from $9.92 per hour, reflecting a change of 3.2 percent, effective January 1, 2012.

“This wage increase will help the City’s lowest paid workers to keep pace with inflation and also protect consumer spending of San Francisco’s working families, which will be a boost to our local economic recovery efforts,” said Mayor Lee.

The minimum wage will be the highest among the nation.

Thirty-two cents does not sound a lot in money value, but it could be a burden to business owners who are struggling in hard times of economy, some employers said.

The Department of Office of Labor Standards Enforcement encourages employees to file complaints if their employers do not pay up to minimum amount required by the law.

Employees can call (415)554-6270.

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