San Francisco sees record voter registration

(KTSF by Sean Au)

October 22 is the last day for voter registration. Voters have up till midnight to register online.

In San Francisco, some voters are voting early at City Hall’s Department of Elections. The department will also be open the next two weekends to facilitate early voting. One voter KTSF spoke to says she is voting for the candidate whom she thinks will give the community a chance to succeed. Another man says he has women’s issues, the economy and world peace on his mind when he votes.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Department of Elections has registered 489,000 voters by last Thursday, a historic high. The department anticipates 80% voter turnout in this election.

Those who have yet to register have up to midnight to do so and should go to their respective county’s elections department website . They will provide the link to register at the California Secretary of State’s website to register.

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