SF Candlestick Heights affordable housing deadline

Candlestick Heights has 19 four-bedroom units available under the San Francisco BMR program.  The 2014 rents are $1201 per month.  Applicants can not  own a housing unit and they must fall within income eligible guidelines.

Households must earn no more than the maximum income levels for 50% of the Area Median Income:

4 persons-$48,550

5 persons-$52,450

6 persons-$56,350

7 persons-$60,200

8 persons-$64,100

9 persons-$66,050

Application deadline:  Friday-July 25, 2014 by 5pm.  Submit application forms to:  Candlestick Heights,  859 Jamestown Ave, Unit 101, San Francisco, CA 94124

Application and instructions:  www.candlestickheights.com

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