San Diego Mayor apologizes amid harassment claims


The mayor of San Diego is apologizing for his behavior after a prominent former supporter accused him of sexually harassing women and urged him to resign.

Mayor Bob Filner said he failed to respect women who work for him and he intimidated them at times.

Without detailing his actions, the 70-year-old Filner called his behavior inappropriate and wrong and said he “diminished” the office. He said he needed help and pleaded with voters for patience.

Former councilwoman Donna Frye choked up earlier in the day as she called for Filner to step down, calling it one of the most difficult decisions she has made. She said the allegations were based on firsthand accounts but refused to divulge specifics.

Marco Gonzalez, who joined Frye in calling for the mayor’s resignation, said the former councilwoman wouldn’t comment on Filner’s apology until Friday.

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