San Carlos: burglars pose as utility workers, steal cash and coins

Burglars posing as PG&E workers robbed a home in San Carlos on Thursday, according to sheriff’s deputies.

At about noon on Thursday a residential burglary was reported in the unit block of Upland Avenue, near Hillcrest Circle Park, deputies said.

According to sheriff’s deputies, a suspect posing as a PG&E employee wearing a vest and a hard hat approached the front door of a residence and was granted entry by the victim.

The suspect went to the rear yard claiming that an overhead line was being installed above the backyard, deputies said.

According to deputies, the suspect placed a call to a second suspect who entered the house and took coins and cash from the master bedroom.

Deputies are warning residents to be aware of burglars posing as utility workers.

Earlier this week, two men posing as utility workers robbed a home in Oakland, stealing cash and jewelry from the residence.

San Carlos residents are encouraged to review proper identification prior to allowing an unknown person claiming to be a utility worker into their home, deputies said.

Anyone with concerns about the legitimacy of the employee’s identification is encouraged to contact the sheriff’s department at (650) 363-4911 or call 911.

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