Same sex marriage local reaction

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  1. al says:

    gay man/women are born that way, that was created by God,
    they pay tax, do no harm to society, i can not tell there are reasons they can not get married. their marriage do no harm to anyone else at all, think about it.

  2. Cp Su says:

    貴電台晚間十點新聞,對有關同性婚姻的議題, 很明顯的偏愛一方,
    有90%的時間給支持者. 僅有極少部分留給反對同性戀的一方.


  3. Lo says:

    Just because deers have 4 legs & a long neck like horses, we cannot call deers horses.

    Just because the so-called same-sex unions have two people who love & commit to each other like marriages, we cannot call such unions marriages because we cannot ignore the glaring difference that one’s MAJORITY can create the all-important new life while the other ABSOLUTELY cannot.

    To those who argue that same-sex unions can be called marriages because some marriages cannot create new life, I would say some horses, such as midget horses, being small like deers is in no way whatsoever a justification to allow us to call deers horses. I believe everyone agrees that the significantly larger size is a major & important difference between horses & deers.

    If someone who publicly calls deers horses (knowingly or unknowingly) can be elected as President this November, America’s days are numbered.

    As Chinese Americans who know the history of the Chinese idiom “Calling Deers Horses”, we have the obligation to not let bad Chinese history repeat in America.

  4. Mei says:


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