Rubber Duck makes its official debut in Beijing


The high-profile giant Rubber Duck made its official debut on Friday on Yuanbo Lake in Beijing’s Garden Expo Park following weeks of eager anticipation by visitors.

The Rubber Duck, created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, is 18-meters high, taller than a 16.5-meter version earlier displayed in Hong Kong.

Weighing 900 kilos and measuring 21-meters in length, the duck was not completely inflated due to weather conditions.

“The Rubber Duck is able to withstand strong winds of up to 7.9 meters per second. In stronger wind, we will leave it partly uninflated or connect it with cables to fasten its base,” said Li Yangyang, staff member of the installation team, adding that wind drag is reduced when the duck is not fully inflated.

Despite dull and overcast weather, a large number of rubber duck fans flocked to the park to see the inflatable duck, which was built to resemble a child’s common bath toy.

“It (the rubber duck) is a big surprise. It reminds me of my childhood, because we all had the same duck toy but in a much smaller size,” related a visitor.

The yellow conceptual art piece already attracted many Chinese fans when it floated in Hong Kong’s Victoria harbor in May.

It is expected to bob in the waters of Garden Expo Park Sept. 6 through Sept. 23, and will leave for the Summer Palace on September 26.

The Rubber Duck, which has visited 14 cities around the world since 2007, is a gift to Beijing from Amsterdam – this year’s Beijing Design Week Guest of Honor.

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