Royal play date for Prince George in New Zealand

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Britain’s young Prince George took on his first royal engagement in New Zealand. But he didn’t have to greet any dignitaries — just a few kiwi babies.


Prince George in a crawl-about, a specially-convened play group at government house in Wellington, New Zealand.

It was an official public engagement, baby-style. Guests included ten local babies born within weeks of George who had parents from a cross section of society, including an American dad in a same sex relationship.

George behaved impeccably, apart from one lapse in manners: he stole a plastic block from a little girl called Amelia who screamed in protest but it was quickly forgotten

A playdate with destiny, George will one day be king and these other little ones will be his subjects. But, for now, he hasn’t got a clue what’s going on and neither do they … it’s perhaps the most normal he will ever feel.

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