Road safety and bicyclists

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In light  of the  man who died after being knocked down by a bicycle in  the City’s Castro district, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition reminds riders that reckless riding will also be held accountable. In the meantime,  the  investigation of the case continues and the District Attorney’s Office will be making a decision soon if the bicyclist involved in the accident would be charged.

71 year-old Sutchi Hui was crossing the busy intersection  at Castro Street and Market Street with his wife  on the morning of March 29, when he was hit by a bicyclist  traveling south . Police say the couple  were  in the crosswalk when Hui was knocked down. Some witnesses claim that the bicyclist, Chris Bucchere, had run a red light. The lawyer  for  Bucchere has said that his client entered the intersection on a yellow light, and did not break the law. A spokesperson from the District Attorney’s Office says their office  is  still working with the SFPD on the investigation, and that many witnesses have come forward.

Some cyclists say that they have to be responsible riders  with one saying, “I would blame the cyclist at this point, but I do not see  that changing the law can do anything, because he ran a red light. Just like a car or anything else, they would have killed somebody in the same way.”   Another cyclist says, ”I think cyclists in the city need to be a little bit more careful, a bit less like, ’ I am a cyclist, I am number one. Everyone should watch out for me ’  .”

The SF Bicycle Coalition says about 800 pedestrians were hit by motorists last year.  Pedestrian fatality by bicycle is a rare occurence. “That does not excuse it though of course,” says Leah Shahum, Executive Director of the coalition. “We want to make sure that if there was someone acting recklessly or dangerously, they need to be held accountable, whether they are biking or driving.”

Shahum says about 1,500 bicyclists have taken  their class on bicycle safety. The coalition is also working with SFPD and the SFMTA to have riders  who are caught breaking the law attend road safety classes.

SF Bicycle Coalition website.

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