Ricky Chan

Ricky Chan
Chinese News at 7


Ricky Chan came to the United States as a foreign student in 2006 and received his bachelor’s degree with honor in 2010 at San Jose State University. He majored in Film and Television with a minor in Photography. Ricky also participated in the campus television and news program. Before graduating from the university, Ricky came to KTSF as an intern in news. Assisting the assignment editor, he learned the skills of reporting news. After Ricky’s graduation, he became a reporter with KTSF. His interviews include Edison Chen, one of the famous artists in Hong Kong. He also worked on the the shark fin ban bill which created a lot of controversy within the Chinese community.

Ricky loves sports very much. As an amateur basketball player, he learned not to give up under any circumstances on the court and he has applied this to learning and working.

Ricky’s other interests include movie production. He’s participated in commercials, shooting movies as well as editing.

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