Reusable grocery bags may not be good for your health



Environmental concerns are prompting cities across the country to do away with plastic shopping bags. In their place, grocery shoppers are turning to reusable bags.

And while those bags are better for Mother Earth, they may not be so good for your health.

More and more stores decided to bag plastic bags as more and more shoppers turn to reusable bags. But before we all turn to reusable bags, let’s take a closer look.

After all, we’re are going to eventually eat what goes in here. Dr Ryan Sinclair at Loma Linda University tested reusable bags in his lab. Here’s what he found: “Overall, we found that 10 percent of the bags had E. coli, about 50 percent around there had chloroforms and almost all of them had some kind of bacteria.”

Doctor sinclair found the same type of bacteria inside these bags as you would find in dirty underwear.

“I don’t think anyone wants fecal bacteria in their grocery bag.”

And think about this: most of us store these in the back of our cars — a warm, dark place, the perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

The danger is real. Just recently scientists traced a 2010 outbreak of norovirus in oregon to a reusable bag. It contained contaminated food for a girls’ soccer team. “They are a public health concern.”

Before you throw out your reusable bags, there is a simple solution: treat them like you treat your underwear.

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