Restaurant blast suspect in custody in Heilongjiang


A suspect has been captured in connection with Sunday’s explosion at a restaurant in northeast China’s Heilongjiang Province, which left two police officers in serious condition.

The blast occurred at a fast food restaurant in Anda City, at around 09:40 when the suspect identified as Zhu Shibin, an unemployed resident, allegedly left a bag filled with explosive device in the eatery minutes earlier.

Zhu was caught by police in Daqing, a neighboring city in the northwest of Anda, after going on the run.

Three police officers were injured, two in serious condition and one having minor wounds.

According to police authorities, the suspect was identified from surveillance camera footage captured near the restaurant. Zhu is currently in police custody for further questioning.

Police said Zhu walked into the restaurant on Monday at 09:30 before leaving behind a backpack containing an explosive device – purportedly made from gunpowder extracted from fireworks. Minutes later, from a nearby location, he called the restaurant from his mobile phone, informing staff members of the bomb.

Attempting to hold the restaurant owners to ransom, Zhu threatened to set off the explosive within five minutes, demanding a 100,000 yuan. Refusing to budge, the owners immediately contacted the police, who arrived within two minutes to evacuate all patrons and staff members. Yet the explosion went off during the process, leaving three police officers injured by the blast.

Two police officers who were seriously injured are now receiving treatment at a hospital in Harbin, the provincial capital. The third officer has been released from hospital after receiving treatment for minor burns.

Police authorities added that the suspect has been charged with attempted murder, arson and extortion.

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