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(KTSF Trista Wang)
How would you feel about a stripper mobile  parked   in your neighborhood  where a library is across the street and an elementary school is around the corner?  Well, some residents  in San Francisco’s Richmond district say that’s what’s happening and they are not happy .

The truck belongs to the Hustler Gentlemen’s Club in San Francisco. For the past few months, it was parked in the Richmond district between 37th and Anza streets. The truck has the image of girls wearing bikinis and has a transparent glass enclosure with a pole in the middle

Bolek Sikorski  lives across street from where the vehicle  has been  parked almost everyday for the past 2 months.” How can they (parents and kids) come (to the library) if the first thing they see is the big truck   that’s very colorful ,  not telling go read a book  but instead look at those naked ladies!”

Police said one of the employees lives in the neighborhood and that’s why he parks the truck here. The truck was towed away once because of an expired registration, but it’s back after the owner paid the fine.

San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar who represents the  Richmond  district  said that he is working  with police to solve the problem. Eric Mar told us, “we are looking at a 1992 law in SF that is passed, that said commercial vehicles cannot be parked in residential area like this”He also mentioned if needed, he will draft a law with the city attorney’s office to prevent adult entertainment commercial vehicles parked so close to a school.

But some people think it’s not a deal. “Do I think  it’s  necessary  to  park in this neighborhood across the library? Not necessarily. Do I think this  it’s  the worst thing in the world?  No,   “Joshua Smith said.

The  Hustler Club denied comment .
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