Rare yellow lobster caught in Connecticut

A lobster fisherman in Connecticut traps a rare catch: an orange and yellow lobster. The man thought the lobster might have already been cooked.

Jere Lacoske couldn’t believe his eyes when he opened this trap.

“First, I thought it was a joke. I said, ‘Hopefully a joke… Is it cooked or is it plastic?’ And then, it was in with six other lobsters, so it was kind of hiding in the corner.”

This yellow and orange lobster hauled in off of black point in niantic.

“In about 75-feet of water, I caught her.”

A chicken lobster, if you go by size — about a pound and a quarter.

“It’s a female lobster, and she’s in great shape. As you see, she’s very active. Well, they say it’s one in 30 million.”

Capt john wadsworth owns Mago Point Marina in Waterford, where Jere keeps his boat. He’s never seen a lobster this color before it was cooked.

“This is very very unusual. Plus, Jere’s very unusual.”

Jere is hoping to share this rare find with other seafood or rather marine-life lovers. Mystic Aquarium already has one, along with a couple of other uniquely colored crustaceans, so he has to find another place which might put it on display.

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