Proposal to reprobe Guo Meimei rejected


Supervisors of the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) have rejected a proposal to reprobe the “Guo Meimei” controversy that stoked public suspicion over the charity’s credibility two years ago.

The RCSC social supervision committee made the announcement at a press conference on Friday, citing voting results from a recent committee meeting.

The RCSC, a major charity in China, has been battling public mistrust after Guo Meimei, a young woman who claimed to be a chief of an organization with RCSC links, posted photographs online flaunting her wealth in mid-2011.

The issue triggered concern over how donations are used by the country’s state-run charitable organizations, though an official investigation later that year ruled out any link between Guo or her wealth with the RCSC.

Jin Jinping, a committee member, said on Friday some members did raise the reinvestigation proposal and that the charity previously publicized a formal report on the incident after police-led investigations two years ago.

However, the committee, an independent panel that was created in December last year as a third-party body to supervise the charity, has no legal power to open such investigations or summon any of those concerned as a witness, she said.

Jin said committee members believed that the committee should advise the RCSC to coordinate with authorities concerned to probe the incident when new evidence is available.

Meanwhile, Huang Weimin, secretary general of the committee, said no committee member continues to have financial links with the RCSC after they were selected as members of the RCSC’s social supervision committee.

“Considering public concern over possible connections, we’ve decided after discussion that no committee members shall participate in any project of the RCSC or provide any paid service to the RCSC during their tenures or within one year after the expiration of their terms,” said Huang Weimin, secretary general of the RCSC’s social supervision committee.

In May, a whistle-blower who claimed to have insider information said that the RCSC’s social supervision committee was not qualified as a third party to monitor the scandal-stricken organization due to financial links and business connections.

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