Produce may cost more due to California drought

California farmers are facing a drought disaster and it could have a ripple effect nationwide.

The drought that is plaguing California (and as a result, hurting the nation’s food supply) could get a whole lot worse.

Friday, the federal government said it will not provide any irrigation water to central valley farmers, and only 50% of contracted water to surrounding urban areas.

Joe del Bosque is the farmer who just a week ago gave President Obama a tour of his Central Valley operation. He grows almonds, spinach, cherries and cantaloupe, but without the federal help, California growers like joe may have to leave a lot of land unproductive.

There’s gonna be a lot of crop reduction and a lot of food lost, a lot of jobs lost.

With more than 90% of the state in severe drought conditions — there could be a big impact at your grocery store checkout line.

There are 80,000 farms in California. More crops are grown there than any place in the country. It produces nearly half of US grown fruits, nuts and vegetables.

Experts say this drought could raise your produce prices 10 percent over the next few months. But mother nature could come to the rescue. A major storm is forecast for California next week, and farmers say every drop will make a difference.

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