Presidential debate-watching parties in San Francisco

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  1. kawahchan says:

    (R) 2012 ELIZABETH EMKEN of California: Last night’s presidential debate, Mitt Romney has impressed American people with his Harvard MBA and his CEO capability to lead American economy and employment to leave the bottom of a indistinct ravine. American people can see through a clear window and get a whole picture of Romney’s 4-year presidency and given him a try; at least American people can feel confidence in Romney’s goal of economy recovery and more opportunities for employment. Last night’s debate, what American people didn’t need to see Obama’s crystal ball, what Obama told American people how he still wants to bargain American people’s fate, but not hope. Obama’s next 4 more years of details are messy, so much confusing and fussy. American people feel anxious and perplexed to live with Obama’s next 4 more years of hardship.

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