President Xi: Xinjiang’s stability vital to whole nation


Chinese President Xi Jinping said that long-term stability in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is vital to the whole country.

Xi made the remarks during an inspection tour to Xinjiang which ended on Wednesday.

The long-term stability of Xinjiang is vital to the whole country’s reform, development and stability, to the country’s unity, ethnic harmony and national security as well as to the great revival of the Chinese nation, Xi said when meeting with local CPC and government officials.

On Monday, Xi arrived at a local police station in Kashgar and inspected weapon equipment and personnel training.

Safeguarding the country’s unity and fighting separatism are of the upmost importance and in the basic interests of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, he said.

While fighting terrorism, China will deploy a “strike-first” strategy against terrorists in this region to deter enemies and inspire people, Xi said.

The country’s counter-terrorism operations will maintain high intensity and abide by laws, he said.

Later Xi inspected a local village committee and visited a primary school and held talks with local villagers.

The President instructed the local government to focus economic development on improving people’s lives and spend more resources on employment, alleviating poverty in rural areas and protecting the environment.

Social stability and development in Xinjiang depend on a strong team of officials, effective grass-roots management and mobilization of the people, he said.

A contingent of Party officials who are politically reliable and can stand up to tests is very crucial to Xinjiang’s stability and development, Xi stressed.

He promised to promote the right officials to the right positions and give them chances to display their abilities. There will be favorable policies for officials working in Xinjiang, especially those at the grass-roots level, in terms of promotion, housing, allowances, and security for themselves and their families, he said.

On Monday afternoon, Xi visited the Xinjiang fruit industry group company to learn about its processing, packaging and delivering.

On Tuesday morning, Xi visited Xinjiang Yinfeng Agricultural Equipment Co. to inspect tractors, plowing machines, spraying machines, cotton pickers and other modern agricultural machinery and learn about agriculture modernization.

He talked with farmers, technicians and encouraged them to make more contributions to agricultural development.

Later, Xi inspected local militia and weapons, and encouraged soldiers to strength training and improve comprehensive quality to better fulfill their mission.

Xi also heard reports from local production and construction corps.

On Wednesday Xi arrived at a mosque in the regional capital Urumqi and held talks with Xinjiang religious personals.

Xi said he hoped religious people would continue their patriotic tradition and take a clear stance against extremism.

He urged them to assist local followers to better understand religious teachings so that everybody can live in peace and improve their livelihoods.

The government will implement appropriate policies to improve ethnic harmony and common prosperity of all ethnic groups, he said.

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