Police ticket Barbie Jeep

Even Barbie has to obey the law.

A Barbie Jeep, a battery-powered toy designed for kids, was spotted parked in the wrong place in a Utah neighborhood. The Jeep’s owners, who are 7 and 9, left it on the sidewalk and somehow it ended up in the road.

So, police left a bright orange ticket on it signifying an abandoned vehicle.

The girls’ dad said he can’t be mad.

“Unfortunately I have received my share of tickets,” he joked. “This is definitely my favorite ticket that I have received,” he said.

The police wrote the ticket as a joke and the girls won’t lose their hot wheels.

“We would hope that people would appreciate the fact that we’re there in their neighborhood and we’re looking out for them and their property,” said a spokesman for the Autumn Fork Police Department.

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