Police investigate toddler found dead on bus


Police in California city, california are looking into the death of a toddler.

The two-year-old was found dead on a city bus.

What started out as a routine day came to a sad stop for the passengers and driver on a California city bus route.

About 7:26 this morning California City police officers responded to a call of a baby not breathing. What they were able to determine is the baby was in the custody of an adult male who was picked up about 10 miles north of california city in a remote area on the side of the road.

Authorities say the man is the boyfriend of the child’s mother. he was found in the fetal position on the ground, distressed. the bus driver offered him and the child a ride.

At one point, once they had gotten to California City, it was communicated to the bus driver that the baby was having some medical issues or was not breathing.

That’s when authorities met the bus driver outside this gas station.

What I have been told was the child was obviously deceased when medical personnel and California City Police officers arrived on scene.

Authorities say the man was cooperating. the boy’s mother has been notified of her child’s death.

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