Police cracked 4.65 million counterfeit condoms in China


The Ministry of Public Security of China announced on Monday that police from southeast China’s Fujian Province had cracked down on a gang operating a fraud ring and producing counterfeit condoms.

According to police, 37 suspects were arrested and about 4.65 million condoms, worth around 47 million yuan (about 7.6 million US dollars), were confiscated.

Starting from February this year, police in Jinjiang of Fujian noticed that condoms were being sold at a very low price online, including the world famous brand Durex.

The low price caused Jinjiang police to be suspicious.

“This manufacturer didn’t have authorization from us, so from this we knew that this must be a fraud case,” said Xu Zhixiong, a police officier of the Jinjiang Public Security Bureau.

After several months of investigation, police discovered the illegal factory in a village in Jinjiang City. The factory severely violated the production standard that Chinese law stipulates, police said.

“The environment of the factory is really bad, it’s dirty and messy, no hygiene to speak of, and there was a pungent smell of lubricant, which made us want to throw up,” said Wu Zhewei, a local policeman.

According to a suspect surnamed Liu and his partners, the gang started to produce fake condoms in 2012 and sold them online at one yuan (about 0.16 US dollars) each.

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