PG&E warning about new scam

(KTSF by Susannah Lee)

PG&E is alerting customers of a country-wide scam that claims to be helping the public apply for free payments. But it is asking customers for their’ social security and bank account information…

More than 10 alleged incidents involving the scam have been reported to PG&E. Customers were contacted at home by phone, social media and text messages claiming that President Obama is launching a welfare program or directly paying the utilities bills for them.
PG&E spokeswoman Fiona Chan says some customers were asked to provide their Social Security number or credit card numbers over the phone.
PG&E released a statement stressing that their employees never ask customers for personal and bank information over the phone. The company also reminds customers to check the identification when a PG&E employee visits.

Customers are encouraged to contact PG&E and verify should they encounter suspicious calls or visits by anyone claiming to be PG&E employees.

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