Bay Area co-workers split $2.2 million lottery prize


Two Bay Area co-workers gambled $4 on lottery tickets, and are now splitting a prize worth more than $2 million.

Jorge Prado and Mohammad Islam bought two Powerball tickets on March 19, for the $80 million jackpot. One of their tickets matched five of the six winning numbers, resulting in a win of $2,198,310.

The 7-Eleven that sold the winning tickets is located at 130 Harder Road in Hayward. The owners of that store are also $11,000 richer for having made the sale.

Neither Prado nor Islam wish to identify the Peninsula-based school district they work for.

However, Prado – originally from Paracuaro, Mexico – is sharing his plans for some of the money he won.

Growing up, he says he couldn’t play soccer because he couldn’t afford shoes, and neither could many of his friends. So, he says he plans to buy soccer and basketball shoes for the whole team at the school in his hometown.

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