Peninsula police seeking public’s help regarding recent burglaries

(Excerpt from press release)

On Friday, April 5th,  San Mateo Police Officers responded to a report of an interrupted residential burglary in the 600 block of Edgewood Road. At the time SMPD was called and responded, the suspects were already gone from the scene.

Melvin Bellard, 20, of San Francisco wanted by Peninsula Police

At around the same time, Hillsborough Police engaged in a pursuit of a White Chevy Malibu leaving Hillsborough and onto Interstate 280 northbound where items were discarded from the moving vehicle. Daly City Police ultimately located the vehicle abandoned in San Francisco.  The Malibu was established as the suspect vehicle in this case. The involved burglaries match the now commonly seen door-knock method of operation by the suspect.

Investigation revealed connections to burglary cases in both Hillsborough and Belmont. SMPD, Belmont PD, and Hillsborough PD have been working collaboratively to identify and arrest the suspect. He has been identified as Melvin Bellard, a 20 year-old resident of San Francisco with strong ties to the East Bay. San Mateo Police currently hold a warrant for Bellard’s arrest for Burglary.

San Mateo, Belmont, and Hillsborough are actively seeking to locate Bellard and are asking for the public’s help. A photo of Bellard is attached. Anyone with information on suspect Melvin Bellard is encouraged to contact the San Mateo Police Department at 650-522-7700.

Suspects who are using the door-knock method may pose as solicitors, neighbors, or say they are “looking for friends.” They are actually looking for unoccupied residences. These bandits then look for unsecured doors and windows, or access to areas of property not visible to the street to force entry.

If a stranger knocks on your door – LET THEM KNOW IF YOU ARE HOME – you may speak loudly through the closed door and let them know you are not interested, and ask them to go away. If you are suspicious of their activity at all, call the police via 911.

Make sure you secure ALL your doors and windows if you are not home, even if it is only for a short period of time.

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