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In the past month, there has been ten pedestrian-involved accidents in San Francisco’s Richmond District, according to Keith Sanford, Captain of Richmond Station of SFPD. The latest incident happened just last week when an elderly person was hit by a car crossing the street in the early morning. Police and The Richmond District Police Advisory Board announced today a pedestrian safety campaign  to raise awareness in the community regarding the rules of the road.

David Lee, the chairman of The Richmond District Police Advisory Board, says: ” Cars are going too fast. People need to slow down. Pedestrian need to be smart when they are crossing the street. They need to watch both ways. They can’t assume anything.”

According to the traffic law, the fine for a  pedestrian crossing the street at a red light is $108.00. A pedestrian must return to the curb or stand on the median when a light is yellow or the red hand is flashing. For the motorist, the fine for not waiting for a  pedestrian who is in a crosswalk is $146.00.

More information (according to The Richmond District Police Advisory Board):

  • Rule  #1: Assume Nothing. You never know what a person driving, cycling or walking near you is going to do.
  • For Motorists: Pedestrians Go First
  • For Pedestrian: Wait for Green Light
  • For Cyclists: Cycles Are Vehicles


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