Parked truck knocks down street lamp in China


How important is it to pull up the handbrake when parking a vehicle? Ju Liepeng from east China’s Anhui province paid nearly 20,000 yuan for omitting the simple movement, thus knocking down a road lamp with his truck, police said Sunday.

Ju was transporting goods with two other truck drivers from Jiangxi Province to Anhui Province, both in east China, when the accident occurred on December 1.

Around 23:00 that day, the three tucks stopped near an intersection in Xiuning County of Anhui.

However, the one that Ju Liepeng drove started drifting backward after he got off. The truck hit on the guardrail and knocked down a street lamp before coming to a standstill.

Surveillance cameras nearby captured the whole process. The footage showed that after the lamp was knocked down, Ju jumped back to his truck immediately and drove away.

Local traffic police tracked the truck by reviewing more surveillance video of the area and finally spotted its license plate number.

On December 5, Ju Liepeng delivered himself to the police. According to the man, he forgot to apply the handbrake when parking, which caused the truck to back onto the street lamp.

He was very nervous at the time and drove the truck away without considering the consequences.

The driver was fined 1,000 yuan for damaging public facilities. Moreover, due to his hit-and-run behavior, Ju Lipeng had to pay 18,000 for repairing the damaged facilities himself, for what he did could not be covered by insurance.

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