Parents’ attitudes toward education

(KTSF by Jo Wan)

2. Parents’ attitudes toward education

About one third of the students in College Park School or Claire Lilienthal Alternative School ‘s immersion programs are biracial. Most of the Asian parents want to pass down their Asian heritage to their biracial children both in terms of speaking their mother language or experiencing Asian culture. Sending their kids to language immersion program such as Chinese or Korean is one of the efficient ways to reach that goal.

When it comes to the education, there are some significantly different attitudes and expectations between Asian mothers and Caucasian fathers. In a typical Chinese family, parents put their children’s education first. They tend to spend more time pushing their kids to study while American fathers want their children to have more fun during the process of learning. American parents want to raise their children to be thinkers, independent minded, not just a bookworm.


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