Palo Alto: police see rise in car burglaries, urge awareness

Police in Palo Alto are warning residents about a rise in car burglariesthroughout the city over the past month.
A total of 61 auto burglaries were reported in Palo Alto in September, surpassing the number of car burglaries seen there in a single month since 2008, police said.
So far this year the city has seen 260 car burglaries – more than the annual totals in each of the past four years, according to police.
Police are increasing patrols and investigations into the burglaries and urging the public to keep their valuables with them or out of sight in their parked cars.
Five people have been arrested in connection with the auto burglaries, but no suspects were arrested in September, police said.
Police say there is no identifiable pattern to the burglaries, but that 16 car burglaries were reported on two separate nights in September at the Oak Creek Apartments at 1600 Sand Hill Road and nine occurred at a city parking garage located at 445 Bryant St. on three separate nights.
According to police, car burglars have struck both quiet residential neighborhoods and bustling commercial areas over the past month.
The suspects typically smash a window or pry open a locked door using a punch tool, according to police.
The items stolen range from laptops and electronics to purses and luggage, police said.
Anyone with information about recent auto burglaries in Palo Alto is asked to call police at (650) 329-2413. Those who wish to remain anonymous may call (650) 383-8984 or email a tip to
The public is encouraged to call 911 to report suspicious behavior related to auto burglaries, such as people loitering in parking garages.
More tips about securing vehicles to help reduce auto burglaries can be found at

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