Painted Skin

Master Xia is descendent from a line of demon-subduing masters, and firmly believes that it is possible for man and demon to coexist peacefully. He has two girls as protégées – his granddaughter, Xia Bin and Xiao Wei whom he adopted. Having being cheated in love, Xiao Wei came to the brink of losing control over her demonic nature. Conflict arises between master and disciple. Alas! Xiao Wei kills Master Xia by mistake! And Xia Bin wows vengeance! Having taken human life, Xiao Wei could no longer prevent her demonic nature from resurfacing, and she is forced to consume human hearts to retain her beauty. If she could consume the heart of a true love, she would gain eternal youth! Colonel Wang Sheng rescued Xiao Wei in an operation and brought her back to his homeland, Jiangdu, Wang Sheng is already a married man and did not hide this from Xiao Wei. His wife, Pei Rong graciously welcomed Xiao Wei into their home. A spade of horrific murders with the heart dug out ensued, blanketing the city in fear! Pei Rong suspects that Xiao Wei is the demon responsible but no one believes her. So she seeks help from Pang Yong – the man who once led Wang Sheng and his men and who was ever in a love triangle with Wang Sheng and Pei Rong. Pang Yong is pure in his intention to help Pei Rong. In his investigations, he bumps into Xia Bin. After witnessing the prowess of Pang Yong’s martial skill, Xiao bin is convinced he is the true demon-subduing master. Pang Yong and Xia Bin try in vain to unmask Xiao Wei’s disguise, as her demonic powers have greatly increased. Xiao Wei takes the opportunity to woo Wang Sheng but unable to win hit “Heart”. She uses the “Painted skin” spell on Pei Rong, releasing a foul demonic poison, causing people to mistake Pei Rong for a demon! Sadly, Wang Sheng is left with no choice but to apprehend his heart’s true love. Pei Rong flees in distraught. Knowing the truth, Pang Yong and Xia Bin come to arms with Wang Sheng and his men. Xiao Wei’s evil plot comes close to fruition…
Begins November 21,2011
Monday to Friday:
8pm – 9pm
34 episodes
Mandarin with Chinese subtitles
NOTE: Episode synopsis for Painted Skin are only available in Chinese.
薛凱琪 飾 小 唯
薛凱琪 飾 栩 栩
陳怡蓉 飾 佩 蓉
李宗瀚 飾 龐 勇
凌瀟肅 飾 王 生
吳映潔 飾 夏 冰
楊 冪 飾 小 紅
羅家英 飾 夏迎風
戚玉武 飾 龍 雲
董易晉 飾 小 易