Oregon man faces charges after blowing up family dog

An Oregon man is facing several charges after blowing up the family dog, but not animal cruelty.

As a puppy, this yellow lab, named Cabella – was as playful as any Samuel mills had ever seen.

As a healthy 3 year old – Cabella enjoyed hunting – fetching birds and other game– she also loved boat rides.

Mills originally owned Cabella but had to give her up to his cousin and niece because his new residence does not allow dogs.

“She had so much energy she just loved to go out runnin’ and huntin’, I mean, you’d take her with ya and she’d walk right alongside ya.”

Christopher Dillingham— the ex-boyfreind of mill’s cousin – appeared before a Skamania county judge monday.

Dillingham is accused of strapping explosives to the dog’s neck and setting them off -instantly killing the family pet in the loud explosion.

“It woke me up at 3:30 in the morning.”

Skamania county shriff dave brown actualy lives near dillingham and says the suspect is known around town as a fireworks expert.

Court records show dillingham used black powerder from fireworks to make the explsoves that killed the dog.

“He’s always had a fireworks show the fifth of July at his residence, brings a lot of people in and watch and an enjoy. I’ve been able to sit on my front porch and watch most of that for the last several years.”

“He deserves to rot in prison for the rest of his life for what he did to that dog. My stomach is still turning, I can’t stop crying, my eyes are just so full of water. My heart really hurts for that dog.”

Deputies found the dog’s remains on Dillingham’s Stevenson property.

He told deputies he was preparing fro nuclear war, rapture, and the dog was possessed by the devil.

Dillingham is charged with possesing explosvies, and reckless endangerment, but not animal cruelty – because the d-a argues the animal technically did not suffer – it died instantly.

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