China amusement park accident


A preliminary investigation has found that amusement park operators failed to perform a necessary safety check on a ride that injured three people in northwest China’s Shaanxi Province.

The three were sent to the hospital for treatment after being thrown out of a spinning recreational facility ‘speed windmill’ at Qinling Happy World in Shaanxi’s provincial capital of Xi’an on Sept 15.

Two of the injured were listed in stable condition on Wednesday while the other victim, surnamed Wei, remained in the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU) with serious injuries.

Wei’s friend Wang Hang was waiting outside the ICU. When the accident happened, he was on the spinning facility with Wei and another friend Zhang Qian.

According to Wang, the machine started rising when they had just sat down.

“At that time, I was too scared to open my eyes. Then I heard a bang and felt someone had fallen down. I heard shouts that someone had fallen. I thought maybe the machine would stop immediately, but it was still spinning. I was so scared. I grabbed the safety belt with one hand and caught hold of Zhang Qian with the other,” said Wang, recalling the shocking moment of the accident.

According to Wang, the machine stopped several minutes later, and three of the five people sitting in the same row with Wang Hang were thrown out of the machine.

“I saw Zhang Qian’s feet were hanging in the air and her head was trapped there,” said Wang, adding that only two people were left out of the five people sitting in his row.

Police officers and staff with the local work safety authority immediately arrived at the site to conduct an investigation. They found the certificate of the machine had not expired.

According to a preliminary investigation, the cause of the accident was the operator’s failure to conduct a safety check before the ride was operated.

At present, the three injured victims remain in the hospital.

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