One person killed after sailboat collides during race


One person was killed and one injured when a sailboat taking part in a race near Redwood City collided with a channel marker buoy, a U.S. Coast Guard spokesman said Wednesday evening.


The Coast Guard learned shortly before 7 p.m. this evening that a 42-foot Catalina sailboat had collided with a marker buoy in a channel outside Redwood City, according to Coast Guard Lt. j.g. Mark Leahey.

The boat, which was involved in a race hosted by a local yacht club, had struck the buoy and become entangled, Leahey said.

Other boats in the area were having trouble reaching the damaged boat due to the shallow water, Leahey said.

The Coast Guard and Redwood City Fire Department responded to the scene, but upon arriving learned that a U.S. Geological Survey boat in the area had been able to bring two injured parties on board and take them to emergency personnel.

One person was in distress and receiving CPR before the Coast Guard arrived on the scene.

One person was later reported dead and one injured as a result of the accident, Leahey said.

Five people in total were on the damaged yacht. The other three who remained on board were uninjured and were eventually able to free the boat from the buoy, Leahey said.

Sequoia Yacht Club Commodore Winston Bumpus confirmed this evening that the incident was connected with a race staged by the club, which is located at 441 Seaport Court in Redwood City.

The club calendar shows events scheduled for today including a “Beer Can Race” starting at 5 p.m.

The Redwood City Fire Department was called to the area of Chesapeake Drive and Seaport Boulevard Wednesday evening near the yacht club around 6:40 p.m. to provide medical aid, according to fire officials.

Fire officials declined comment Wednesday evening, but said in statements on Twitter that the boat had sustained a broken mast in the collision.

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