Oikos University memorial for shooting victims

(KTSF by Susannah Lee)

A memorial service was held on the Oakland campus of Oikos University for victims killed in the shooting rampage last Monday.

About 100 teachers, students, friends and family of the victims attended the solemn ceremony inside tents set up on the school lawn under the rain.

Several dignitaries and representatives of the university extended their condolences.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan. the first to speak, said, “I think that the best way to honor these people is to recognize and realize your dream for yourself, for your family and for the community as a whole.”

Congress woman Barbara Lee was also among the attendees, and extended help to the victims’ families.

“My office, your Congressional office is ready to assist you by whatever type of support that you need.”

Korean Consul General Jeong Gwon Lee asked community members to look after each other, and to learn from this tragic incident:

“The incident gave us a chance to think about things we had overlooked in the past. Why did this tragic event happen in our community? And what do you have to do to prevent further incidents like this?”

Ellen Cervellon, Director of Nursing Department at Oikos University expressed herself with emotion, “They gave me some time to say a few words…what can I say?”

University president Dr. Jongin Kim said it was difficult to find the right words to console the families going through this incredible tragedy.

Oikos University announced on its website that a victims foundation is setting up to provide assistance to shooting victims and their families. A school official also revealed that many nursing students are reluctant to continue their studies in the classroom where the shooting took place, and the university is seeking help in finding a replacement.

The shooting occurred last Monday morning. 43-year-old suspect One Goh, a former Oikos University student, appeared on campus demanding a meeting with a school official, and
started shooting in a nursing class after being told that the official was not present. Seven people were shot dead and 3 others injured.

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