Occupy Oakland Video Released by Police Department


The following is a press release from Oakland Police Department.


(OPD) The Oakland Police Department has received a large number of requests for video footage obtained by officers during the October 25th Occupy Oakland event. The images contained in this release are only a portion of what was captured; there are many hours of footage still being reviewed. Due to ongoing investigations, much of what was captured by the Oakland Police Department can not be released at this time. We will continue to release video as it becomes available and is not part of any ongoing investigations.

The footage contained in this release was taken at the corner of 8th and Washington, prior to the deployment of CS gas or other less lethal types of force used by law enforcement that day.

Images contained in the attached video clips show a ring of officers surrounding arresting officers in an effort to prevent members of the crowd from interfering with the arrest. The officers were subjected to numerous assaults by the crowd throughout the incident.

The City of Oakland Police Department will continue to place the highest value on policing in a manner that is both constitutional and ethical.

View the videos here:  video 1, video 2, video 3, video4.


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