Occupy Oakland affects Chinatown Businesses



(KTSF by Ricky Chan) Located not too far from Oakland City Hall where protesters gathered today, Chinatown businesses decided to stay open. However, fewer shoppers than usual  came.

Chinatown business owners say their businesses have been affected by recent protests. One store employee says that customers  usually come to the store around noon, but that didn’t happen today.

Another shop owner says customers are probably concerned about  safety in Oakland and that’s why they do not want to come out. However, businesses decided to open because they have to pay the rent.

Most shop owners appeared to be ready for chaos saying if anything happens, they will close their stores and leave.

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  1. kawahchan says:

    (R) 2012 RICK PERRY Presidential White House: This is Oakland Mayor Jean Quan’s self-contradictory between social order and social disorder in a City of Oakland; Oakland Mayor Jean Quan has snapped Oakland’s residents in the face who like to live in social order; how could Oakland Mayor Jean Quan allows a bunch of 2008 Lost Generation who are dissatisfied the pragmatic realism and shirk one’s responsibility, those Occupy Oakland demonstrators are 99% of the eliminated rallies of today’s America’s social order. The pro-Beijing, pro-Socialist Barack Obama, pro-Marijuana Mayor Jean Quan has been replaying political drama of the 1960s’ the mainland China’s Great Cultural Revolution anti-Capitalism in Hong Kong.

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