Obama’s dim sum order

Here is a list of dim sum President Obama ordered:

3 x Mushroom pork and shrimp dumplings

3 x Steamed pork buns

3 x Shrimp dumplings

3 x Snow pea sprouts with dry schallops and shrimps dumplings

3 x Cilantro shrimp dumplings

3 x Zhiu Zhou dumplings

3 x Custard roll sponge cake (deleted)

3 x Sticky rise in lotus leaf (deleted)

3 x Deep fried red bean balls

3 x Egg custard tart

3 x Mushroom stuffed with shrimp paste

3 x Deep fried shrimps puff

2 x Rice noodle roll stuffed with beef

2 x Rice noodle roll stuffed with BBQ pork

3 x Deep fried crab claw with shrimp paste





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