Obama wins second term

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  1. kawahchan says:

    (R) 2014 & 2016 Gov. RICK PERRY Report: We are glad to see the old political feudal influence of Bush’s family and Romney’s family are ALL over and ended in 2012. Republicans and TEA will have a fresh and new start our NEW middle-class Republican Party & TEA to move forward the 2014 and towards to 2016 Gov. RICK PERRY. The new middle-class Republicans & TEA will strive for the California Republican Primary, Texas Republican Primary and Florida Republican Primary will hold the presidential primary in early 2015 to let California, Texas and Florida these 3 Global Economy states to pick our middle-class Republican 2016 Presidential Nominee. As American people see this 2012 election map, Republican Party MUST put Iowa, New Hampshire, and Virginia Republican Primary at the last and latest 2016. Since 2012 Obama-Biden is became lame-duck in White House now, either facing the 2012-2016 Democratic ruling, we Republican whites and yellows have to work very hard to rebuild the United States WITHOUT leaning on the alternative for Affirmative Action to keep up with the Fortune 100, Fortune 500, Fortune 1000 which are belong to Republican & TEA economic & employment opportunities.

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