Oakland robbery victims targeted


(Oakland Police Press Release)

Victims of recent street robberies in Oakland were most often targeted for their known possession of smartphones or gold jewelry. This robbery trend is prevalent both within the Bay Area as well as nationwide.

In response, the Oakland Police Department implemented a series of robbery suppression operations designed to have an immediate impact on criminal behavior as well as long-term impacts by fostering sustainable crime reduction strategies and awareness with community members, businesses, and partnering law enforcement agencies.

A coordinated and focused effort was recently launched in neighborhoods where street robbery activity was concentrated. Although related enforcement actions were implemented elsewhere due to evolving intelligence and crime patterns, the Rockridge, Piedmont, and City Center areas of Downtown and North Oakland were identified for measurable enforcement action and results. Since November 24th, officers of the Oakland Police Department’s Bureau of Field Operations 1 have made a total of 21 arrests for robbery as a direct result of their focus.

This is an outstanding number of arrests within a focused area and small amount of time; however, incidents of robbery, for the time being, continue. We are asking for the community’s continued awareness and assistance in order to further impact this trend.

• Avoid Being a Victim and Be Prepared to Report

- Remain mindful that victims of recent street robberies were most often targeted for their known possession of personal electronics (e.g., smart phones, tablets). Walking with ear buds in and either listening to music or talking on the phone is a good indication that you possess a desirable item to steal and are also not aware of your surroundings.

- Take the time to record the serial numbers of your personal electronic devices and install tracking applications. Have this information available when making a report to police.

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