Oakland celebrates Older Americans Month

(KTSF by Michelle Yue)

This year’s theme  for Older Americans Month was “Never Too Old to Play” which encouraged older Americans to stay engaged, active and involved in their own lives and in their communities.

“We begin playing when we are young. The reason why it is even more important for seniors that they are very isolated in our community,” said Tammy Siu, Aging and Adult Service Manager at the Oakland Department of Human Services.

Today’s event was attended by Oakland city officials and many seniors. One of the attendees is Oakland’s oldest citizen, 113-year-old Andrew Hatch.  At today’s event, Mayor Jean Quan handed Mr. Hatch a mayor’s proclamation celebrating his longevity. When asked about the secret to his long life, Mr. Hatch said part of it is that “You should never be too told to play.”

Health officials today encouraged more  seniors  to get out and join social groups where they can do all kinds of fun activities. “We do dancing, singing, ping pong, and many other things together at the senior center,” said one Oakland Chinese senior. “These fun activities make us much healthier both physically and mentally.”

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