No reprimand for fireman who filmed Asiana crash


San Francisco’s fire chief has rescinded the reprimand of a firefighter whose helmet-mounted camera captured footage of a fire rig at the Asiana Airlines crash site running over a 16-year-old girl on the tarmac.

In a letter provided to the San Francisco Chronicle by the firefighter’s attorney ( ), Chief Joanne Hayes-White says she concluded the department had insufficient evidence to support the reprimand.

Battalion Chief Mark Johnson was accused of violating a 2009 department general order against unauthorized filming in the workplace when he recorded the July 6 crash.

The reprimand came after Johnson’s footage became public, confirming victim Ye Meng Yuan was run over by a rig.

Johnson’s attorney Murlene Randle says testimony at the appeal hearing determined the department did not have a specific policy against helmet-camera recording.
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