Facebook: Outage was self-inflicted


Don’t blame a cyber-attack for the shutdown of Facebook and Instagram overnight…

AZ:baby born without eyes


Doctors in Arizona are doing their best to help a baby, born without eyes….

SJ pedestrian killed during apparent street race identified


A female pedestrian struck and killed in San Jose by the driver of a car suspected of racing another car was 24-year-old Kiran Pabla…

Woman accused of drowning puppy so she could board plane


A Florida woman is suspected of drowning a 2-week-old puppy in a Nebraska airport bathroom so she could board a plane…

Couple charged after pet ferrets attack baby


A couple whose pet ferrets attacked their newborn daughter and chewed off parts of her face have been charged…

Purported IS message threatens Japan, Jordan hostages


An online message purportedly from IS warned a Japanese hostage and Jordanian pilot the extremists hold have less than 24 hours left to live…

Snowstorm blankets New York, Boston


New York City blinked back to life Tuesday morning, after getting blanketed by a massive snowstorm…

Obama atteneded India Republic day parade


President Barack Obama made history as the first u-s leader to be the chief guest at India’s annual republic day parade Monday…

Zoo offers creepy gifts for lovelorn wanting to get even with an ex


Itching to get even with an ex? The SF Zoo is offering the lovelorn the chance to “adopt” a cockroach or giant scorpion…

Pedestrain fatally struck in alleged car racing


The drivers of two cars that might have been racing in East San Jose have been taken into custody Monday afternoon…